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The Day I Put My Arthur Court in the Dishwasher


Yes, it happens to the best of us. We’re rocking along, cleaning the kitchen after a party, when we grab our beautiful Arthur Court platter that has just been used as a cheese tray or whatever. We rinse it and without thinking we put it in the dishwasher with the wine glasses and serving utensils. It’s metal, right? Metal washes.

The horror doesn’t set in until you unload the dishwasher. That’s when you find this dull, grey, chalky metallic plate that makes your fingernails want to retreat into your cuticles. And then you realize what it is – or dare I say, what it used to be. Your beloved platter, likely a wedding gift or such, is only barely recognizable as you turn the piece over in your hands, reading the back of it in complete self-loathing: Hand Wash Only.

Mine was a small tray, given to me by the builder of my house and his wife on the occasion of my house-warming party. It is suitably themed with magnolia blossoms – perfect for my Louisiana kitchen. I keep it near my stovetop as a place to rest spoons and ladles. Then one day I ran it through the dishwasher and thought it would never be the same again.

I did the same thing you’re doing. I Googled for help. I sought the wisdom and reassurance of other Arthur Court owners that my tray could be restored. I went to the store and purchased everything they said to buy: Bar Keeper’s Friend, Bon Ami, baking soda. I tried it all. I barely got any change in color with the use of the scrubs. I tried for a solid week, sick over the fact that I had been so careless in the first place. I tried pewter cleaners. I tried Naambi cleaners. I used silver cleaner, thinking – at the very least – it couldn’t get any worse. But it didn’t get any better, either. The tray remained a dark, matte, lifeless charcoal color.

OK, if you’re here on purpose, then you want to know if anything at all worked on my tray, and the answer is yes. And it was the simplest thing. An SOS pad. For real. The solution costs all of, what, 29 cents? It didn’t make it good-as-new immediately, but brought a little bit of shine back, and a significant amount of hope. So I continued to scrub my tray with an SOS pad every time I thought about it, which was each night when I was loading the dishwasher. Within a few scrubs, the tray looked good enough to display on the counter once more. It has since resumed both its usefulness as a spoon rest and its charm as a decoration. It is not exactly as it was in the beginning, but there are no longer as many dark grey splotches or streaks.  It shines again and that is certainly good enough for me. I scrub it with an SOS pad every time I clean the kitchen now, and I swear it gets shinier each time.

The photo shows my tray as it looks now.  No, I did not take a photo of it when it was awful and dull.  I was too heartbroken.  May your Arthur Court restoration be successful!

Buona fortuna!!