Paleo Worcestershire Sauce

When I was little it was very hard for me to wrap my head and my tongue around the word “Worcestershire.”  Admittedly, sometimes it still is.  So I shortened the word to “Woo” and my parents followed suit.  To this day, my parents and I still call it “woo-sauce” while everyone else pronounces “Worcestershire” flawlessly.  Show-offs.

My original search for paleo woo-sauce recipes yielded few happy results.  I must confess here that I detest apple cider vinegar (ACV).  I tried, peeps, I tried!  I have cooked with it, conditioned my hair with it, applied it to bug bites, and I even tossed it down my own throat.  Egad!!  Yes, yes, I know that it is super-healthy and great for absolutely everything.  It’s a staple in most paleo households.  I get it.  But, so is kale, and I’m allergic to that, so I reserve the right to be persnickety.  Every time I cook with ACV, my entire household complains of the smell.  ACV grosses me out, and I have yet to be pleased with any recipe that called for it.  I have rescued many of my homemade sauce recipes by switching to a myriad of other vinegars for results more pleasing to me and my family.  So there.

That being said, I have adapted this recipe from Paleo Table.  I tweaked it until I was satisfied with the smoky aroma and flavor, and then I bumped up the quantities so I could make more at a time.  If you happen to have a large empty commercial-woo bottle, this recipe will fill it to the brim.  I use this sauce along with my homemade steak sauce in grilled hamburger patties.  Yum!


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