Meet the Principessa

Things You’re Probably Wondering about the Paleo Principessa

#1. Yes, I’m a princess, self-declared on a crummy, moody day many (many, many…) moons ago. The moodiness passed, but the title stuck. My crown isn’t always shiny or straight, but it’s mine.

#2. No, I’m not Italian. I married a third-generation Italian. My dream trip is to Italy, I’m slowly learning the language, and I strongly desire to cook like an Italian matriarch. Except that we went paleo… which leads me to my next point.

#3. I believe anyone can do paleo and still mangia with the best of them. My biggest pet peeve is when people hear that I don’t eat grains or sugar, they immediately say, “Oh, I could never do that! I just love food too much!” Duhhh.

What boggles me about their statement is the “foods” they swear they could never live without aren’t even real foods. They are genetically modified petri-dish concoctions, specifically engineered to turn profits, not benefit real health. Look, I love food too. Anch’io amo mangiare! I love to eat! I love to eat and feel satisfied. I also love to eat foods that I know are good for my body. Don’t believe for a minute that this lifestyle is impossible. I made an Italian give up pasta, and he’s still happy.

This site is one of my many latest projects. (You can also find me here and here). I’m a wife and mother, working full-time outside the home, hell-bent on cooking and feeding my family well.  I have two teenagers who roll their eyes every time I mention a new recipe.  I’ve decided to learn to speak Italian (for real this time) and go back to school to get my MBA.  Perfect time to start a recipe blog, don’t you think?

I’ll try to keep the crazy to a minimum, but – truthfully – no promises.  😉

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  1. Mildred
    January 23, 2017 at 11:24 am (1 year ago)

    Smkaa-dcb what I was looking for-ty!


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